Perfect thermal management for the energy industry

Plug in, power on: we make sure it stays that way. The energy that keeps our society running is transported from the power plant and distributed to consumers via a complex network of cables. Our thermal management products ensure that all of the key components in the electricity grid keep working perfectly.

We support numerous well-known European energy suppliers with perfect thermal management to keep their power grids up and running.

Fail-safe power supplies with STEGO

We all tend to take electricity for granted. Various kinds of power plant generate electricity from energy sources such as coal, gas, oil, nuclear and renewable energies in order to provide the electricity that our economy and homes need to keep running. But generating this power is just the start. The distribution process is no less important, and this is where our products come into play

Distribution and transformation

The energy generated in the power plants needs to be transformed at substations for low-loss transfer to the electricity grid. The energy suppliers’ distribution networks are therefore equipped with numerous transformation substations for all manner of voltage levels and transport distances. 

Substations consist of power transformers, switchboards and ample secondary technologies for local management and voltage regulation, measurement and control. It is essential that the technical equipment in the control cabinets and specific installation spaces are protected from outages caused by humidity.

Products that help keep us powered on

The climate control components and solutions from STEGO prevent harmful condensation and thus create the ideal conditions for the safe, reliable and long-term operation of components in power supply grids. 

Our products are used around the world by a host of well-known energy suppliers. They benefit from STEGO's many of experience and technical expertise as one of the leading manufacturers of thermal management products for control cabinets and technical installation spaces. 

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