Optimal thermal management whichever way the wind blows

Here at STEGO, we work with our customers – in this case, wind turbine manufacturers – to shape the future of energy production. In doing so, we are playing a valuable role in driving the energy revolution. Find out how our climate control solutions ensure the reliable operation of wind power facilities and renewable energy plants.

Withstanding the wind with the right thermal management: find out how the electronic components inside wind turbines are protected.

Protecting electronic components inside wind turbines

Moving towards a climate-neutral energy supply

The importance of renewable energies is growing rapidly, with countries and municipal authorities under a great deal of pressure to join the increasing drive towards developing climate-neutral energy supply systems. One thing is clear, and that is that the generation capacity of offshore and onshore wind farms in Europe needs to be continuously expanded.

There has been a huge increase in the demands placed on wind turbine operation:

  • Ensuring that wind power facilities are fail-safe is particularly important.
  • Downtime due to technical failures must be avoided.
  • Increasingly complex and sensitive electronic components must be protected.

Keeping wind turbines running safely and reliably

Protecting wind power facilities from external influences is becoming an increasingly important issue. Wind turbines are exposed to the harshest of climate conditions, with constant fluctuations in temperature leading to condensation and causing corrosion, leakage currents and short circuits. How can hazards like these be avoided?

The right “control cabinet climate” can only be achieved with the help of a temperature and humidity control system. The use of top-quality thermal management components in the various systems at play within a turbine ensures that it can keep functioning reliably over a long period.

Thanks to our long-standing and fruitful cooperation with our customers in the wind power sector, we are able to offer robust and tailored products for control cabinet climate management. STEGO products are renowned for being incredibly easy to use and install, as well as being reliable and durable and meeting high quality standards. The products listed below are already used in wind turbines on a daily basis:




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