Perfect thermal management


STEGO develops and manufactures products for control cabinet climatisation with innovative functions and intelligent design. Our products help users adjust the temperature and humidity perfectly to the conditions in their specific installation space. Our solutions are characterised by their small footprint, high serviceability, certified safety standards and, above all, a long service life due to their outstanding and sustainable quality.

STEGO is “SIMPLY INNOVATIVE. BETTER FOR SURE." If you have any sensitive electronic components that need to be protected from the cold, heat and moisture.

Areas of application

Expertise in many different sectors

Understanding customer requirements objectively enables us to manufacture well-thought-out and robust products for climatising control cabinets. Under all climatic conditions and in a wide range of applications, the following sectors rely on our solutions worldwide.

Control cabinet construction
Wind power
Electric power systems
Ticket systems
Machine building
Traffic control systems
Renewable energy
Thermal management solutions

Optimal conditions for electronics

STEGO products ensure that electromechanical and electronic components work without faults or disruptions by guaranteeing optimal environmental conditions. This “Feel-good climate” is ensured using reliable temperature and humidity control systems. This way, when the temperature or humidity values get too high or too low inside the control cabinet or in other technical installation spaces, the appropriate countermeasures can be introduced. It will be heated up or, using air from the surrounding atmosphere, cooled down. This reliably prevents the formation of harmful condensation, which leads to corrosion of components. 

STEGO products make a decisive contribution to ensuring the seamless operation and fail-safety of the technologies in products and systems of its partner companies. Perfect thermal management under challenging climatic conditions. This is our discipline. We are a recognised provider of solutions in this field – all over the world.


You want specific examples?

Innovation management

Our drive: the idea

Always on the lookout for something new. Whenever an idea emerges and becomes a reality – in the form of an improvement, an optimised process or a product – we make progress. The idea is the driving force behind our company.

Over the course of our many years of experience, we have been fortunate to have developed a successful culture of ideas to which all employees contribute and help develop the company and its products. All ideas are pitched and a variety of perspectives are introduced. If the idea is well received, the team will elaborate on it. 

In many cases, ideas take on a life of their own – that is when the team gets really excited. Out of the idea emerges a tangible result that adds value for our customers – a STEGO product.

Zwei Mitarbeiter im Konzeptionsgespräch.

Elmar Mangold, Managing Director

I take great pride in our spirit of invention, culture of ideas and our team’s innovation processes.

These things provide us with the foundation for turning our inspiration into a reality. At STEGO, anyone can contribute ideas and find solutions.


Keeping our eyes on the prize

The STEGO spirit animates all activities within the company and is enshrined in our strategy. As a family company, we value our employees and promote them in the sense of a partnership. Our spirit of invention is the driving force behind our actions. That is why “Made by STEGO” is the marker of a high quality product that will promote our customers’ success in the long term.

But we haven't lost the freedom and agility of an owner-managed medium-sized company. It is precisely during challenging times that we value the dynamism of our “eyes on the prize” strategy. It gives us the opportunity to adapt our company to new circumstances at any time and keep ourselves focussed on growth.

Key criteria for the success of our customers:



The outstanding quality of our products resulting from our expert knowledge – Made by STEGO.



STEGO's agile product development – flexible, proactive, conscientious.



Creativity means making something new that is useful and adds value.

Figures, dates, facts

STEGO at a glance

  • Founding year:


  • Founders:

    Hartmut Eisenhauer, Isidor Gloning and Werner Schmid

  • Legal form:

    Owner-managed company with limited liability (GmbH)

  • Managing directors:

    Elmar Mangold

  • Registered office:

    Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

  • International branches:

    8 foreign subsidiaries (USA, Brazil, France, UK, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland) and a representative office in China

  • Distribution:

    Distributors in 50 countries

  • Production/assembly:

    In Germany and France

  • Export quota:

    >50 %

  • Employees:

    More than 220 worldwide (approx. 150 in Germany)

  • Core expertise:

    Solutions for protecting sensitive electrical/electronic components in control cabinets and other applications from condensation and subnormal or excessive temperatures.

  • Products:

    Heating, cooling, regulating, measuring, lighting, explosion protection,  condition monitoring, accessories