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Learn all about the latest developments at our company in our News section, read our blog to delve into a variety of exciting specialist topics and find a wealth of expertise about optimising climatisation solutions, drawing on examples of specific applications, in our Cases section.

LED it shine

NEW: LED Enclosure Light SL 025 – the All-in-one Solution. STEGO expands its lighting range with the innovative LED Enclosure Light SL 025. This light is perfect for enclosures...

IO-Link Intelligent automation of industrial systems

Nowadays, IO-Link sensors and actuators are key components for efficient and simple communication in industrial automation. With their measured values, STEGO IO-Link sensors...

Electromobility without a charging infrastructure? Impossible

Electromobility plays a key role in the transport revolution, and so in turn does the expansion of charging station infrastructure. Find out how our climate control solutions are...

New managing director at STEGO

In a significant move to strengthen our management team, STEGO welcomed a new Managing Director in the first quarter of 2024. Michael Dehnert joins our long-standing Managing...

Silent Killer: How condensation threatens your enclosed electronics

Imagine driving on a rainy day and your car windows start to fog up. You wipe the condensation away and everything seems fine. Imagine a similar scenario, but your valuable...

Optimal thermal management whichever way the wind blows

Here at STEGO, we work with our customers – in this case, wind turbine manufacturers – to shape the future of energy production. In doing so, we are playing a valuable role in...

STEGO Group secures landmark win in patent dispute in China

STEGO Group, a prominent global manufacturer of electrotechnical products specializing in sustainable electronics protection for control cabinets and technical installation...

Monitoring Load Peaks with IO-Link Current Sensors

As industries embrace digitalization, new and innovative ways to cut costs are emerging, and one key approach is through energy optimization. A crucial aspect of this strategy...

Perfect thermal management for the energy industry

Plug in, power on: we make sure it stays that way. The energy that keeps our society running is transported from the power plant and distributed to consumers via a complex network...
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Trade fairs and events

Discover our solutions for climatising your electronics and our latest innovations at the following events. Our experts are looking forward to meeting you and discussing the optimal designs for your individual requirements.

SEPTEMBER 17-19, 2024
Scanautomatic 2024
October 08 - 10, 2024
Booth A01:40
China Wind Power 2024
October 2024
Booth ...
November 12 - 14, 2024
December 05 - 07, 2024
Booth ...

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