ZVEI on Site: Sustainable Innovation at STEGO

Lesedauer: 2 Minuten

On November 21, 2023, STEGO Elektrotechnik GmbH in Schwäbisch Hall opened its doors for a special networking event as part of the new program series ZVEI on Site. The focus of the meeting was on the central themes of sustainability and innovation, explored through in-depth discussions and an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at STEGO’s production site.



Insights into Sustainability Strategy and ESG Measures


The event’s introductory presentation featured an overview of STEGO's sustainability strategy. Elmar Mangold, Managing Director of STEGO, presented the European standards of ESR (European Social Responsibility) and explained their integration into the overall strategy of the company. Examples of implemented or planned ESG measures were highlighted, emphasizing the agile methods aimed at future requirements. 


Participants also had the exclusive opportunity for a tour of STEGO's production facilities, with a special focus on high standards in ergonomics, comfort, noise, and efficiency. These standards not only reflect the company's commitment to employee well-being but also significantly contribute to increased productivity.


Valuable Insights into Endress+Hauser Sustainability Report


Another highlight was the presentation by Endress+Hauser Group Member of the Board Dr. Manfred Jagiella on the corporation’s sustainability report. He provided valuable insights into proven practices and experiences in sustainable corporate management. The diversity of global implementations, including an energy-independent and CO²-neutral company building in Canada, illustrated the significance of sustainable corporate governance.

Innovative Solutions: Current Sensor by STEGO

Maximilian Vosseler, Senior Product Manager at STEGO, presented the ESS 076 smart current sensor, emphasizing its crucial role for companies looking to systematically analyze and optimize their energy consumption. The sensor measures AC current in conducted lines contactlessly and outputs the collected data in analog (4-20 mA signal) or digital (IO-Link) form. These data, including power and energy, are transmitted via the IO-Link interface to higher-level systems. Find out more.


Sustainable Energy Consumption: Peak Shaving with achtBytes

The event’s closing presentation by Alwin Jung, IOT Consultant at achtBytes, focused on Peak Shaving. He explained how the company's software utilizes the analysis of electricity data to reduce peak consumption. This software - an integral IoT platform - not only enables more efficient resource use but also stabilizes energy consumption and reduces associated costs.  More information is found here. 


Environmentally Conscious Companies Set Standards

The event clearly demonstrated how companies can make a significant contribution to environmental protection through the integration of sustainability practices, modern hardware, and innovative software. STEGO and achtBytes are setting standards for a greener and more efficient future by utilizing products of the electrical and digital industry.


The networking event provided a platform for intensive knowledge exchange among ZVEI member companies. The event’s approach created an atmosphere for potential collaborations and the formation of synergies. The day concluded with a gathering, allowing members to continue engaging in relaxed conversations and intensive dialogues. 






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