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Are you looking for a workplace where you can thrive and fulfil your potential? If so, we’d love to welcome you to the STEGO family! At STEGO, you can make a big impact and help shape our shared future. You can look forward to great camaraderie, exciting tasks and diverse progression opportunities – ranging from traineeships to dual study programmes and management positions. Get started at STEGO!

Benefits in Germany

How STEGO values your contributions



We promote your personal development as it's of great importance to us to have qualified employees. That's why STEGO offers various training opportunities.


Modern workspaces

We have long recognised the importance of well-equipped workspaces. It’s worth it for us to provide you with a state-of-the-art workplace for the benefit of your health, productive working life and satisfaction.


Work-life balance

Does your life call for a more flexible approach? At STEGO, you can strike a balance between work and your other commitments. We help our employees achieve this by offering 30 days’ holiday, flexible working time models and time off compensation.


Flat hierarchies

What many businesses claim to practise is second nature to us: fast decision-making processes, a culture of ideas where everyone is on equal footing and respectful treatment and interaction, regardless of your role.


Mobile working

Our agreement on mobile working allows our employees to work flexibly, even outside of the office. Depending on the type of work you do, you will have the opportunity to carry out much of your work remotely.


Attractive compensation

Our employees are our greatest asset and, at STEGO, they are rewarded accordingly. That’s why, in addition to an attractive salary, we also offer capital-forming benefits, an occupational pension and Christmas and holiday pay.


Corporate benefits

STEGO employees benefit from a large selection of offers and discounts. Apply to work with us now, and we will be happy to explain more in your interview!


Health and safety

The health and safety of our employees is of particular importance to us. That's why we also offer the best insurance coverage for your leisure time and preventive health benefits.


Company events

In addition to the familial atmosphere that we live and breathe at the company on a daily basis, we go one step further for our team by celebrating our successes together and promoting team-building.


Cycle to work scheme

Do you want a really great bike, like a brand new e-bike? Then you might like our interesting, eco-friendly and healthy cycle to work scheme: we allow you to lease the bike of your choice via deferred compensation.


Quotes from STEGO employees

Christian Baumann Software Development

The vast majority of companies try to sway you with free coffee and a fruit bowl. But what interests me far more is that the company has a certain spirit of invention. At STEGO, the best idea is what counts, not where you are in the hierarchy. Flat hierarchies are truly put into practice here.

To me, it’s important that you're heard. Everyone at STEGO – whether they're employees or managing directors – is open to hearing innovative ideas. In my experience, this works brilliantly at STEGO.

Regina Dank the angel at the head office

I have been with STEGO for a long time - 35 years. That's almost as long as the company exists.

I’m very proud to see how far both the company and I myself have come since then. Nowadays, we’re a great company and I feel like I’m part of the family. I'm proud of the tasks that I get entrusted with and the confidence placed in me here. I feel right at home here.

Sabrina Becker Marketing

At STEGO, I have a broad scope of action. If you’re so inclined, you can really make your mark here and play a defining role. It’s not a paint-by-numbers job at some random company. At STEGO, you can actually put your ideas into practice. 

It’s fun when you notice a project gaining more and more momentum, and it's great when you can sit back and say: ‘Hey, I was a part of that!

Philip Zauner IT

I'd never heard of STEGO before I applied. After reading up on what the company does, I found it super fascinating. In your day-to-day life, you never think about how important little electronic components are for the functioning of so many things in our society.

At the interview, the Managing Director himself showed me around the entire company. He knew every employee by name. That’s when I knew that I wanted to work here!

Waldemar Petrov Development

I was shown around the company during the on-site interview. Even at that point, I was already impressed by how innovative STEGO is and that a company of this size invests in such modern workspaces.

I also really liked how the interview wasn’t so traditional and regimented, but was a genuine dialogue about specific examples.

Nevena Bangeeva Production

In the Production Department, we have ultra-modern workspaces. They're ergonomically designed and are equipped with the latest mod cons. 

It’s not like this at other companies. STEGO invests a lot of money in our workspaces and in making sure that we’re happy at work.

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