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Cooperation between universities and companies is an increasingly important component in today's educational landscape. Especially in the field of engineering, it is invaluable to combine theory with practical application. For this reason, the cooperation between Aalen University of Applied Sciences and STEGO is a significant partnership that facilitates innovative projects in higher education.

Students from Aalen University visit STEGO 04.2023
Cooperation with Aalen University

STEGO Elektrotechnik is a leading manufacturer of temperature and humidity management solutions for control cabinets, enclosures and other technical installation spaces in electrical engineering. With an extensive product portfolio and a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, STEGO is the perfect partner for Aalen University to provide students with practical training.
The cooperation between Aalen University and STEGO began almost 15 years ago with the aim of carrying out joint projects in the field of developing electrical and automation systems. In recent years, the two partners have carried out numerous successful projects that have been of great benefit to both the students and the company.

redesign of a heater fan

Currently, STEGO has entrusted the Mechatronics Department at Aalen University with an exciting project: "Reconstruction of the housing and construction of a semi-automated assembly and testing device for a semiconductor heater". 
Specifically, this involves one of the high runners in the STEGO product range, the CSL 028 control cabinet heater with fan. These devices, also known to the market as heater fans, are installed in a wide variety of industrial applications. Mainly within control cabinets or technical enclosures in exposed locations. These include applications in automation technology or telecommunications.
STEGO Managing Director Elmar Mangold sums up his confidence in assigning the students from Aalen University to work on this volume model as follows: "The special connection to my alma mater - Aalen University - is based on my trust in the people at this institution. I know the meticulousness and expertise with which research, teaching and learning is done there. Successful projects in the past confirm my choice. I am certain that with the help of the students and the professors, we are enabled to produce this important product faster and more efficiently."


Systematic approach

The lecture-accompanying project assignment starts at the beginning of April. The students at Aalen University are supervised by the team of professors Peter Eichinger and Bernhard Höfig. The first part of the project is the redesign. Here, challenges from the fields of materials technology and plastic injection moulding await the students. The second phase of the project will focus on integration into STEGO production. In addition to faster and semi-automated assembly, quality testing will also be integrated into the production line. But first, the paperwork is on the agenda for the students: the basics need to be laid down in the informative and principle system design. After that, it's time to work on practicable designs and elaborations for the production introduction. We are excited and look forward to the results. 


Successful partnership

The cooperation between Aalen University and STEGO is an example of what a successful partnership between educational institutions and medium-sized companies can look like. Through the cooperation, the students can benefit from the experience and know-how of industry, while the company benefits from the innovative ideas and technology of the university.

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