Training and supporting our young workforce is particularly important to us. That's why we're keen to equip you with a host of different high-level personal and professional skills in both commercial and technical lines of work. Whether you're completing a traineeship or a dual study programme, you're sure to be impressed by our offerings to help you get your career off to a successful start.

For your future

First-class perspectives and extensive support

You can look forward to intensive personal support, practical project work and the opportunity to visit one of our international branches. At STEGO, you can get your working life off to the perfect start!


A traineeship at a company that has enjoyed healthy, continuous and reliable growth for decades gives you security and a solid foundation on which to build your future. We offer these traineeships on an open basis. You can find out which positions are still open below.

  • Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/x)
  • Mechatronics technician (m/f/x)
  • Industrial business management assistant (m/f/x)

Dual study programmes

We are a partner that offers you the opportunity to skilfully combine theory and practice into a single study programme at a technical university. This approach allows you to always try out what you learn in practice, which stands you in the best possible stead to transition seamlessly into your future career. We offer these dual study programmes on an open basis. You can find out which programmes are still open below.

  • Business Administration, Industry (B.A.)
  • Mechatronics (B.Eng.)
  • Electrical Engineering (B.Eng.)
Traineeships and dual study programmes

Current vacancies

This is where you can find our current vacancies. Click on the respective vacancy to obtain more detailed information about the traineeship or study programme. This is where you can also find the option to apply directly online. We’re looking forward to receiving your application!


Quotes from our trainees

Laura Franjcec Trainee Mechatronics Engineer

STEGO is not like other companies, as I hear from others at my school. At other companies, everything seems so strict. You have to be quiet and focus on your work. But here, the vibe is really informal and everyone is very kind and helpful.

Take, for example, if we don't understand something at school. Here, they explain everything to us, regardless of how long it takes. You can just talk to anyone – like you're friends, not just colleagues.

Mirko Lechner Trainee Salesman

Life at STEGO is very interpersonal. To me, it’s important that, as a trainee, I have a name and not just a number. STEGO is a good size of company for that. My boss knows my name. At other companies, there are 500 employees and the boss is pretty much none the wiser as to who anyone is.

As a trainee at STEGO, you can tell you’re valued. The company invests in training you, for example by offering you the opportunity to go abroad, the intention being that this investment will ultimately pay off. It’s about thinking in the long term and developing the trainees.


Traineeship application tips

Are you looking for good future perspective and would like to send us an application? We have compiled a few handy tips below to help you with the application process:

Your application should contain
  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • School reports
  • Internship certificates

Your written application should give us an idea of who you are. Show us what you're capable of and tell us why you're applying for this traineeship or study programme. In particular, we're interested in why you want to complete your training at STEGO. As your cover letter and CV are the most important parts of your application, take your time with them. You don't want to let spelling and syntax errors spoil the impression you make in your application, which is why we'd recommend having someone else read over it.


Your cover letter

We're curious about you and would like to get to know you right off the bat in your cover letter. It should, therefore, be tailored to you as an individual and provide us with lots of information. Your cover letter is also a statement of your motivations, and we would like for it to tell us a lot about your expectations, objectives and aspirations. Do you have any talents that set you apart? How do you imagine your future career and your traineeship or study programme? Give us good reasons to choose you. You should, of course, be honest and authentic, because it's important to us that we learn something about you. Even if there's a great deal you could write on this topic, try to summarise the most important points briefly so that it fits onto a DIN A4 page. We’re looking forward to reading your cover letter!


Your CV

Your CV gives us an overview of the most important milestones in your career to date. Structure your details logically and formulate them briefly. We're interested in your educational milestones and whether you've already gained experienced from internships. We're also interested in your special skills, what you get up to in your free time and whether you do any voluntary work. Your name, address, the date and your signature should also be included, of course.


Your certificates

Now let’s get down to the facts. It goes without saying that we're also eager to find out how and what you have learned and how good you are at managing your knowledge. So please include copies of your last two school reports in your application. If you've also gained experience from internships or part-time jobs, we'd be interested to hear about this, too. Please, therefore, enclose corresponding certificates or confirmations of this. In addition to this, please do feel free to include certificates from relevant courses, such as language or computing courses or other types of professional development.


Your interview

Six important points for our in-person meeting

  • Punctuality
  • You do not need to wear a suit. Of course, your clothing is still part of the overall impression you make, so wear something sensible and clean when we meet.
  • Be yourself. You don't have to put on a facade and you can behave completely naturally so that we can get to know each other as well as possible. If you get flustered, that's no problem. Feel free to admit it and don’t feel the need to hide it.
  • Friendliness and openness are well-received at STEGO.
  • Listen carefully during the conversation and, of course, be prepared to get asked a few questions.
  • Prepare yourself and think a bit about your motivations and our company.

You can and should ask questions. During the conversation, you'll have the opportunity to get answers to your questions and show your interest. Take advantage of this.



More tips

Show us who you are! At STEGO, it's you as a human being we’re most interested in! In addition to your school grades, we also place great importance on your ability to act independently and responsibly, as well as to work with others in a team – because you need to be right for STEGO and we need to be right for you. That way, we'll both get along great.

We wish you all the best with your application!


Didn't found the right position for you?

We would be happy to receive an unsolicited application!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out in your career or if you're an experienced industry specialist – we value people who have an active interest in shaping the future. If there are currently no suitable vacancies for you and you are firm in your belief that we should get to know each other, please take the initiative and send us an unsolicited application.

We are happy to receive your application via e-mail at

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