STEGO Group triumphs in landmark patent dispute in China

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STEGO Group, a prominent global manufacturer of electrotechnical products specializing in sustainable electronics protection for control cabinets and technical installation spaces, is marking a significant triumph in a patent dispute against Wenzhou Natural Automation Equipment CO., LTD. in China.


STEGO Group - Headquarter in Schwäbisch Hall

Victory before the Supreme Court in Beijing


After an intensive dispute before the Supreme Court in Beijing, Wenzhou Natural Automation Equipment CO., LTD. was sentenced to a fine and an injunction in the second instance. The company had copied the patented locking mechanism of the STEGO filterfan FPI/FPO 018/118 without authorisation. This mechanism ensures that the fans are securely fastened in the mounting recess without the need for tools.


STEGO filterfans are used in a wide range of safety-related applications where temperature control of enclosures and technical equipment is crucial. From industrial production plants to data centres, these filterfans ensure trouble-free operation and protect against potentially dangerous overheating events. By utilising patented innovations such as the FPI/FPO 018/118 series locking mechanism, users can rely on a proven and certified solution that safely and reliably supports their critical applications.


Evaluative categorisation


Elmar Mangold, Managing Partner of the STEGO Group, emphasises: "This important victory in court is another milestone for STEGO. It underlines our determination to protect our intellectual property and shows that we will actively fight patent infringements."


With regard to STEGO's long-term strategy, Mangold continues: "Within our corporate strategy, we are placing a particular focus on securing our expertise and extending our lead over competitors. Our efforts in the area of research and development are bundled through efficient patent management at our headquarters in Germany. More than 15 annual patent applications are evidence of our commitment and help us to continuously consolidate and expand our competitive advantage. Sustainability and safety for users are at the centre of our innovations."



The STEGO Filterluefter-Plus-Series



Continuous protection of intellectual property


The STEGO Group emphasises that it will continue to consistently protect its intellectual property rights and take action against patent infringements worldwide. A continuous patent application strategy protects the company from counterfeit products in the long term and strengthens its economic performance.


The successful representation of the STEGO Group in this decisive patent dispute would not have been possible without the outstanding work of the full-service IP law firm Meissner Bolte . Their technical expertise and strategic advice played a key role in achieving this important victory in court. The partnership with Meissner Bolte underlines our shared commitment to protecting intellectual property and enforcing our rights worldwide. Their support is an integral part of our success and a testament to their outstanding expertise in the field of patent law.






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