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Find out all about the Filter Fan Plus series – our innovative cooling solutions for your control cabinets. They say that any optimisation starts with improving what's already there. Our engineers were thinking along these lines when they developed the STEGO Filter Fan Plus series, creating some tangible "plus" points for you as the user.


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STEGO Filterlüfter Plus Serie.


Filter Fan Plus provide These three benefits for optimal cooling performance for your control cabinets:


  1. Air-flap technology for increased air capacity and safety
  2. Twist lock system for tool-free installation
  3. Direction of airflow can be IN or OUT

1st plus point: Flap technology for increased air capacity and safety

Are filter mats a must in filter fans? At STEGO, we don’t think so. And in fact, the filter mats can be saved in the air-expelling components. Our successful Filter Fan Plus series proves this. For the first time, we have deployed flaps on the filter fan outlet in industrial applications. This allows the air to circulate far more efficiently. Air capacity increases when the filter mat, which constricts airflow, is removed.

This way, more air is exchanged without changing the mounting cut-out, making the control cabinet or other technical installation space cooler while the fan capacity stays the same. The interior of the control cabinet is also well protected from dirt or foreign particles, as the flaps close automatically when the fan is inactive.

2nd plus point: Twist lock system for tool-free installation

STEGO's engineers took user-friendliness as the absolute top priority in developing the Filter Fan Plus series. And so, a good product can be transformed into an extraordinary one by designing and developing it with the user in mind.

The Filter Fan Plus series, for example, stands out thanks to its quick and tool-free installation. Using a twist lock mechanism, the fans can be installed in the prepared recess from the outside without using any tools. The technician uses the six-level twist lock, which is accessible from the front of the device, to pull the Filter Fan Plus towards the enclosure wall from the inside. When the twist lock makes a clearly audible click, this means that the Filter Fan Plus is tightly and stably in place. The twist lock fixing is suitable for walls between 1 and 4 mm thick.


3rd plus point: Direction of airflow can be IN or OUT

There can be many different ways to get to a given destination. When it comes to cooling control cabinets using filter fans, however, there are only two: IN and OUT, as we say at STEGO. There are two tried-and-tested methods for achieving this. STEGO offers both configurations:


Filter fan configuration – airflow direction IN (FPI) and 

Filter fan configuration – airflow direction OUT (FPO)



Airflow direction IN

Opting for a classic design brings us to the FPI system of STEGO filter fans. This is the recognised typical case: the filter fan with a filter mat is placed at the bottom and draws outside air into the control cabinet. The air rises, cools the inside of the cabinet and forces the warm inside air out of the air outlet. The flap technology allows the warm air to be expelled outwards unimpeded.

Filter fan configuration – airflow direction IN (FPI)


Airflow direction OUT

Do you need to get trapped heat out of your cabinet or enclosure faster? In this case, we recommend actively expelling the heat using the FPO system. To achieve this, the fan is placed towards the top of the control cabinet and combined with effective flap technology. This way, the heat can be dissipated faster from this critical area. In the bottom of the control cabinet, an entry filter with a filter mat is required to bring in cool air from outside.

Filter fan configuration – airflow direction OUT (FPO)



All in all, filter fans are still the method of choice for cooling control cabinets. The Filter Fan Plus series breathes new life into the tried-and-tested design, as well as adding a little extra horsepower. And we haven’t overlooked the user’s safety requirements in the process. The Filter Fan Plus series securely prevents dust and spray water from intruding. This is proved by successfully passed protection class tests by independent inspection and certification institutions such as VDE and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

When combined with a hose-proof hood (accessory), the Filter Fan Plus series achieves protection type IP56. But the Filter Fan Plus series also proves its worth in ongoing operation, as the minimal use of filters in the filter fan systems reduces maintenance costs.


You can see all the key features of the Filter Fan Plus in this video.


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