Electromobility without a charging infrastructure? Impossible

Electromobility plays a key role in the transport revolution, and so in turn does the expansion of charging station infrastructure. Find out how our climate control solutions are facilitating the safe, reliable and long-term operation of charging stations while providing the highest power capacities.

We support numerous well-known international charging station manufacturers with perfect thermal management. Find out how STEGO is contributing to the e-mobility revolution.

Perfect thermal management for the e-mobility sector

Opening up easy access to electromobility requires a significant expansion of the charging infrastructure – from erecting and operating public charging stations to installing wallboxes for convenient charging at home. The power capacity of these charging points is increasing all the time to make the process even faster.

Controlling temperatures, preventing condensation

When it comes to outdoor charging stations, climatic problems are a constant issue. In most cases, condensation is the main enemy. If the temperature inside the station drops, there is a high risk of condensation forming, which can then lead to inconvenient outages. This is deadly for the electronics.

The charging process generates a great deal of heat inside the station. This is normally drawn away with the appropriate IP protection in order to prevent temperature increases and overheating. Low ambient temperatures can also be problematic where certain electronic components (e.g. displays) cannot function below 0 °C.

STEGO products keep electric vehicles moving

STEGO’s climate control components and solutions create the ideal conditions for the smooth, hassle-free operation of charging stations. 

Our products are used by a host of well-known manufacturers worldwide. Here at STEGO, we integrate our many years of experience in the field of climate management for outdoor applications and comprehensive knowledge of the e-mobility sector into all of our products.

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