Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) find favour in control cabinets


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What are the advantages of LED lighting in control cabinets? This blog article tells you all you need to know about contemporary and efficient lighting inside control cabinets, yet another area in which LEDs have made their breakthrough.

Drei Stego Led's, Bezeichnung 025e.

It may have taken a bit longer, but the triumphant march of LED lighting has started to reach the industrial sector – now our homes have succumbed to its charms. STEGO successfully launched its first range of LED enclosure lamps as early as 2009 with the LED 025. The user-friendly benefits compared with conventional energy-saving lamps, in terms of lighting for control cabinets, are clear as day.

Why LEDs are the first choice for lighting in control cabinets:

LEDs save energy and require little maintenance

They are superior to old-style energy-saving lamps in every respect. Because of system constraints, these offered limited light quality and also contained hazardous substances like mercury. And we had reached a point where they no longer saved more energy than LEDs. LED enclosure lamps only consume around a third of the energy. And LEDs just keep on going. With a service life of 60,000 hours, they feel almost indestructible.

LEDs are all about flexibility

Small light-emitting diodes make streamlined design concepts much more achievable. Compact, rotatable lighting fixtures are just the thing for adjustable lighting. They allow the user to direct light exactly where it is needed – on the workspace inside the control cabinet. A wide beam angle of 120° also ensures homogeneous lighting.

LEDs offer impressive light quality

The light quality of LEDs is essentially unrivalled. LEDs are incredibly powerful, with STEGO’s brightest LED enclosure lamps – the LED 021/LED 022 and LED 121/LED 122 from the Varioline range – delivering up to 1,700 lumen. This is enough to light up even large control cabinets, from top to bottom and front to back. In particular, the colour temperature of the light emitted ensures good ergonomics for users. This is achieved through our choice of mid-power LEDs for STEGO lights, which have a colour temperature of 6,500 K (Kelvin) – a level proven to be effective – and therefore provide a close representation of natural daylight. As a result, there is little chance of someone confusing colours inside a control cabinet, which can only be good for safety in your own or your customers’ working environment (where electrical equipment is involved). 

And when it comes to control cabinet lighting, STEGO gives a lot of thought to certified safety.

EPREL – the EU energy label

STEGO customers are familiar with this. We like safety levels to be certified by the best-known testing and research institutions. So in typical STEGO fashion, we became the first in the industry to implement the provisions of the EPREL EU energy label for 2021 – and did so in good time. For you as a STEGO customer, this means you can be confident that all STEGO lighting products are included in the new EPREL database compiled by the EU. And as a distributor of STEGO lighting products, you can be sure they comply strictly with all aspects of the "Regulation on energy labelling for light sources (EU) 2019/2015".




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