Pressure Compensation Device Snap-in
DA 284 | IP66

  • High degree of protection
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Easy to install due to snap-in action

Pressure differentials in enclosures with a high degree of protection are a result of internal and external temperature changes. In the case of negative pressure or partical vacuum, dust and humidity can enter the enclosurethrough the door seal. When the air inside the enclosure cools down, condensation may occur because the humidity cannot escape the enclosure. The easy-to-install pressure compensation device DA 284 provides compensation of pressure at a protection degree of IP66. Even with a slight overpressure, a waterproof membrane inside the plug allows the humidity to escape whilst blocking water and dirt from entering the enclosure.


Snap-In, mounting from outer side

Wall thickness1 to 4 mm
Depth in enclosureapprox. 15 mm, according to wall thickness
Sealingsealing gasket EPDM
Filterwaterproof membrane
DimensionsØ 70 x 33,5 mm
Fitting positionvariable
NoteMaterial adheres to limit values in accordance with RoHS3

Make cut-out Ø 40.0+0.5 mm in enclosure wall for size M40. Attach pressure compensation element from the outer side of the enclosure (housing). Make sure that the hole is round and free of burrs. The sealing ring must be mounted on the outer side of the housing wall. Apply sufficient pressure so the five snap-in hooks fully engage. Snap-in pressure is easily adaptable to wall thickness of the enclosure.

Art. No.MaterialProtection typeAir permeability1Operating/
Storage temperature
packing unitWeight (approx.)Approvals
28420.0-00plastic according to UL94 V-0, light grey; weather proof and UV light resistant according to UL746C (f1)IP66 (EN 60529) / IPX9K (EN 40050-9)2000 l/h-35 to +70 °C
(-31 to +158 °F)
1 piece

45 gUL E234324EAC

1 at a pressure difference of min. 70 mbar

Technical drawing